Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision is to establish a “Niche” Spa In Lancaster.  A place that will provide our clients with unique health and beauty services in one place.   Services and products that are natural and safe. Establishing a clientele that cares about how they look, and is also concerned with taking care of the body and skin they were given.


We provide our clients with an opportunity to achieve better health starting on the inside through wellness coaching and all natural products, but also to “save” their skin with our Custom Airbrush tanning services and other non-color enhancing services and products that will improve the skin and combat the signs of aging as well as prevent potential skin conditions.



Our Story 






As a woman in her 40’s, Charlene has realized the need for healthy nutrition solutions can change the way one feels inside and outside, but also can repair health conditions and even improve skin condition and appeaance. She is also fully aware of how years of sun exposure, and simple exposure to the environment around us can take a toll on our skin. Not only do we start to see the signs of aging with fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, but we also have too many experiences with friends or family being diagnosed with skin cancer.  Well, we want to provide our community with a place you can come for nutrition coaching and solutions but also a place where you can get a gorgeous glowing tan without exposing your skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Addional services also to create more ease and convenience into your daily routine through eyelash extensions


We also want to provide you with products that will combat those years of sun exposure or just improve your skin and prevent it from aging faster than it should. On top of that, with our other niche services, our Lancaster County clients can come to us for other beauty services and products that they would normally travel to larger cities to find.  With that in mind, we all know, many of us grew up baking our skin in the sun to achieve that dark bronze look that made us feel better because we felt we looked better.  Our culture dictated this with the idea that darker was better.  We lathered on the baby oil and burnt our skin to our hearts content not realizing the negative effects this would have on us in the future. Now is the future and there is so much knowledge of the damaging effects of the sun, but we still want radiant, glowing skin.  Well, now not only can we achieve that gorgeous Glow without “baking” the skin, but we can counteract those problem areas and improve the skin with all natural products. We have not only researched the best in sunless tanning products, but also products that will tone, tighten and beautify the skin without the added color. Each treatment is applied hands on by one of our airbrush technicians .  There are no spray “booths” here or employees who care less. Everyone has an interest in you and your needs. This is a Spa experience you will be proud to say you enjoyed. 



At Infinity Skin we are “Creating Timeless Beauty”.










Charlene Gockley



Charlene is Founder of Infinity Skin. As a native of Lancaster County, Charlene has experienced several different career ventures, starting with Cosmetology in 1989, leading into other sales positions and then finally into real estate sales and management for more than 15 years. She realized along the way, this was not “her calling”. In 2007 Charlene found herself with a passion for fitness and started competing in different types of physique and performance shows. During this time she discovered some unique services that not only got her into the best shape of her life through nutrition, but services and products that ot only a fitness competitor should enjoy.  In August of 2013, Charlene saw the NEED for these services, decided to develop this Health and Beauty Spa concept for those who want to enjoy a more fit, healthy physique as well as a year round glow, or maybe for a special occasion. In addition, realizing along with a sun kiss glow, most of us want younger, brighter, tighter skin. We have the solution. You can get Lose the weight, imporve performance or become healthier an achieve a beautiful tan indoors without UV rays with natural, safe products. You can also improve your skin without evasive surgeries and a huge investment by using the right products.